Arachné is a Brussels-based fashion house specialising in prints

We use natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk, with a preference for organic cotton and certified GOATS (certification for organic fabrics) and OEKO TEX® 100 (chemical-free control).
Arachné’s boutique is located in the admirable neo-classical Passage du Nord complex in the heart of the historic centre of Brussels. All the models are designed and made in the workshop above the showroom. They are made exclusively by hand. A made-to-measure service is also available in shop or by appointment. The locally produced collections are complemented by a range in printed denim.

The project of artist and fashion designer Emmanuel Muraille

Initially, Emmanuel Muraille created three unique designs using embroidered artificial flowers, and during a photoshoot he discovered a new vocation: designing clothes! Sewing seemed to him to be an interesting creative vector. The sketches, volume design, modelling, materials and rigour required to create patterns and prototypes convinced him. At the same time, he discovered the potential of prints, which allowed him to increase the creative aspect of the project and give it an identity. He painted motifs with floral compositions to create graphic patterns. Emmanuel is currently working with renowned illustrators to expand his range of patterns.

Why Arachné

In ancient times, weavers were the craftsmen who created clothes. Greek mythology tells us that Arachne excelled at weaving, so much so that she was challenged by the goddess Athena. Arachne won the challenge. But Athena would not admit defeat and drove the young girl to suicide. Then, overcome with remorse, she gave her a second life in the form of a spider so that she could continue weaving.
This tragic story – as is often the case in mythology – highlights an artisanal activity with which the creator of Arachné Brussels identifies, a universal craft that is becoming increasingly rare in the age of fast fashion.

Why Brussels

In Brussels ecological policies such as for transport or protection of the environment are carried out for the common good. Brussels can claim the title of the greenest capital in Europe. Innovative private initiatives are encouraged and even subsidised by the public authorities. Brussels is also a multicultural city with over 180 languages spoken.
The best place to be for Arachne projects.